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        In 1989, Zhejiang Sanmen KangNing Chemical Co.,Ltd. was formally established. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was a small, small-scale chemical company, and its equipment and technology lag behind.    

        In 1991, the company developed for the first time. The leading bodies of the company constantly reform and innovate, introduce advanced production equipment and high-tech products, and employ outstanding technical personnel. The company made concerted efforts to fight hard. Completed the initial accumulation of funds.

        In 2003, the company achieved its second leapfrog development. The scale of production has been further expanded, and production and quality have achieved significant breakthroughs. Products sell well both at home and abroad, forming a stable customer base. It laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company.

        In 2004, according to the development needs, the company is now in full swing to build a pharmaceutical production enterprise - Zhejiang Sanmen Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The new company relies on Corning Chemical to organize production and quality management in full compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical GMP.

        In 2005: The pharmaceutical manufacturer, Zhejiang Sanmen KangNing Chemical Co.,Ltd. was fully completed. And obtain a pharmaceutical production license and business license.

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